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The Takes the Cake Rabbiteye Blueberry is a newly developed blueberry bush from the Southern Living Plant Collection! This selection produces flavorful berries with a nice firmness and impressive shelf life. Each berry is large and brightly colored, making them as attractive as they are delicious.

Takes the Cake Rabbiteye Blueberry is of the species Vaccinium ashei ‘Vernon,’ and it has moderate chill requirements. Traditionally, 500-550 hours below 40 degrees to produce fruit.

Spring finds this Rabbiteye Blueberry covered in attractive and petite bell-shaped white flowers that will soon become berries. Furthermore, this is an early season bloomer and it generally blooms about a week and a half after the Climax Blueberry.

This deciduous shrub has a controlled, upright growth habit. So it matures to only 4-5′ H x 3-4′ W. For this reason, it makes a fantastic addition to decorative mixed garden beds as a functional and attractive accent.

  • USDA zones 7a-9b
  • Mature Size- 4-5 feet high x 3-4 feet wide
  • Recommended Spacing – 36 inches
  • Used in containers, and landscapes
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Deciduous- foliage loss in winter and new growth in spring
  • Blooms white flowers in spring
  • Ships dormant winter through early spring
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 10-14 inches

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Tip: Be careful not to plant them too deeply. The root ball should be just below the surface (one-quarter to one-half inch).

  • Dig holes twice as wide and twice as deep as the roots of the plant.
  • Space bushes 3-4 feet apart in a row, with at least 8 feet between rows.
  • Set the bush in the hole with the root ball just below the surface and its roots spread out. Pack the hole tightly with soil.

6 reviews for Southern Living Plant Collection Blueberry, Takes The Cake (2 gallon)

  1. Andrew

    I recommend this berry bush. I have many varietals in my fruit garden and I’ll tell you these ones perform very well. It’s such a rewarding addition for a plant fanatic like me!

  2. Monika

    The blueberry bush looks healthy, it arrived dormant but seems very healthy. Plus you can’t beat free shipping

  3. Quinn A.

    Can’t stop raving about these blueberries
    They’re so tasty and the plant is just darling!!

  4. Lawerance T

    Arrived fast, but dormant. Hoping for lots of production in the coming months

  5. Tamika


  6. Wendy

    We purchased several of the Take The Cake blueberries last year and were thrilled with the outcome so we ordered 8 more and they all arrived fast. We just love these.

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