Blueberry, Sharpblue 2.5 Quart


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Sharpblue yields abundant crops of the best tasting blueberries around! Its upright, spreading bush habit makes it a great landscape plant. Typically, fruit ripens by late May to early June and harvest may extend over 6 weeks. They grow 5 to 6 feet tall with green foliage and a long harvest period. Sharpblue is self-pollinating. In many cases, you may still want to plant pollinating partners to increase the size of your crops, but with self-pollinating varieties doing so is optional. Perfect for containers, or landscapes!

  • USDA zones 7-10
  • Mature size 48-72” W x 60-72” H
  • Recommended Spacing – 48 inches
  • Used in containers, and landscapes
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Deciduous- foliage loss in winter and new growth in spring
  • Blooms white flowers in spring
  • Ships dormant winter through early spring
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 1g 8-12 inches

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Tip: Be careful not to plant them too deeply. The root ball should be just below the surface (one-quarter to one-half inch).

  • Dig holes twice as wide and twice as deep as the roots of the plant.
  • Space bushes 4-6 feet apart in a row, with at least 8 feet between rows.
  • Set the bush in the hole with the root ball just below the surface and its roots spread out. Pack the hole tightly with soil.

3 reviews for Blueberry, Sharpblue 2.5 Quart

  1. Charlotte

    I chose this blueberry because it looked like it had the most berries on it. came on time and is doing great.

  2. Wendy

    My kids love these blueberries! We have our in big pots on our porch and they are just great

  3. Sandra

    Can’t wait to see how berry production goes this spring!
    The plant looks beautiful in a little patch I’m working on. i planted with several Rebel blueberry plants to promote pollination. So far so good

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