Palm, Majesty 10″


The Majesty Palm Tree is a tropical houseplant that grows long, feathery leaves that boast yellow-to-green hues. Majesty Palm Trees are sturdy, low-maintenance and easy to grow. Unlike other palms, the Majesty prefers moist soil that doesn’t get dried out all the way between watering’s. These palms originated in humid areas of Madagascar and have slowly found their way around the world, but they stay true to their origins in preferring moist, well-drained soil, bright spaces and warmer temperatures between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The Majesty Palm grows fairly quickly, so repot annually, or as needed. They are perfect in containers on porches in the warmer months!

  • USDA zones 10-11
  • Mature size 10 feet H and 6-10 feet W
  • Recommended Spacing – 72 inches
  • Uses- Houseplant, Indoor Plant, Indoor Garden, Accent Plant
  • Light Needs- High indirect sunlight (4-8 hours daily)
  • Average shipping height 36-40 inches
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
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– Turn the soil well and dig a hole twice as wide as it is deep.
– Mix some organic material with some soil. Put a little bit of this mixture into the hole.
– Remove the palm from its container and loosen the root ball lightly with your fingers.
– Set the plant into your prepared hole. Make sure the root ball is moist.
– Pull the soil around the plant, water thoroughly.


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