Proven Winners Center Stage Red Crape Myrtle


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Do you live for the drama? Looking for a plant that commands the spotlight but is still easy to grow? Center Stage Red crape myrtle is just the plant to fill the role! With its deep black foliage and glowing red flowers, it truly will command center stage in your landscape. This variety is vigorous and resists the diseases that often plague the species, so you’ll enjoy clean, glossy foliage all season long. It naturally grows with a narrow, space-saving habit that eliminates the need to prune and opens up a range of landscaping possibilities.
Top reasons to grow Center Stage Red crape myrtle:
– Nearly black foliage with excellent disease resistance.
– Cheerful cherry-colored flowers all summer.
– Colorful foliage and flowers keeps it interesting from spring through fall.

  • USDA zones 6-10
  • Mature size 96 inches W x 72-144 inches H
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Deciduous – Foliage loss in winter and new growth in spring
  • Used in containers, landscapes, and as accents
  • Recommended spacing 96 inches
  • Botanical Name – Center Stage® RedCrape myrtle Lagerstroemia indica
  • Low maintenance
  • Ships dormant winter through early spring
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 12-18 inches


• Water before planting

• Plant in full sun to part shade

• Dig hole 3X the width of pot

• Backfill and plant 1″-2″ above soil level

• Water and add more soil if needed

• Mulch plants

1 review for Proven Winners Center Stage Red Crape Myrtle

  1. sam

    Came in great packaging and can’t wait to plant in the garden!


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