Endless Summer Hydrangea Bloomstruck Shrub


The Bloomstruck Endless Summer hydrangea is a hardy, disease-resistant and time-tested sensation. The Bloomstruck hydrangea can bloom as an eye-catching pink hydrangea OR purple hydrangea by adjusting your soils pH level as needed. BloomStruck also has incredibly beautiful red-purple stems, dark green leaves with red petioles and red veins, which give great contrast to your other garden shrubs, perennials and annuals. Because of BloomStruck’s extremely strong stems, above average heat tolerance and great disease resistance – especially to powdery mildew – it is a perfect combination of beauty and hardiness for your garden!

  • USDA zones 4 to 9
  • Mature size 48-60 inches W x 36-48 inches H
  • Large full blooms throughout Spring and Summer
  • Changes color with color kits
  • Partial shade
  • Flowers can be cut and used in vases and floral arrangements
  • Deciduous – Foliage loss in winter and new growth in spring
  • Botanical Name – Hydrangea macrophylla ‘PIIHM-II’ PP25, 566
  • Ships dormant winter through early spring
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 1g 10-14 inches, 2g 16-18 inches, 3g 20-22 inches, 5g 22-26 inches
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Planting Hydrangeas: Once you have prepared your soil, lay out the plants in your intended design. Be sure to keep in mind full mature size of the plants, ensuring that they will barely touch at full size. This will make your garden look full and allow for air to still circulate through the garden. Dig your planting hole slightly larger than the pot size, and place any fertilizer, organic material or nutrients needed to improve your soil mix in the hole before putting your hydrangea  in place. If the roots are tightly packed, loosen them gently with your fingers before planting the hydrangea to encourage root growth and spread once in the ground. Make sure that the crown of the plant – where the base of the stems meets the soil – is even with the ground level. If the hydrangea is placed too high, it can easily dry out. If the crown is placed too low when planting, it can cause hydrangeas not to bloom and potentially rot. Refill the hole with soil and pack it firmly around the crown to create a water dam around the newly planted hydrangea. Fill the dam with water, let it drain and then refill it.


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