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This beautiful show stopping azalea produces stunning salmon flowers about 2 to 4 inches in size each spring! Butterflies are drawn to the big salmon flower clusters and the lush green foliage shines in the garden through winter. Each flower has about 10 long stamens, adding to the delicate beauty of the salmon blooms. For a showstopper, year-round hedge, plant several of the shrubs along a garden border, sidewalk, driveway or before low structures!

  • USDA zones 6-9
  • Mature size 3-4 feet W x 3-4 feet H
  • Recommended Spacing – 36 inches
  • Used in containers, landscapes, and as accents
  • Partial sun
  • Blooms salmon flowers in spring
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 1g 8-12 inches, 2.25g 14-18 inches
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– Turn the soil well and dig a hole twice as wide as it is deep.
– Mix some organic material with some soil. Put a little bit of this mixture into the hole.
– Remove the azalea from its container and loosen the root ball lightly with your fingers.
– Set the plant into your prepared hole, making sure the top of the root ball is slightly above soil level. Make sure the root ball is moist.
– Pull the soil around the plant, water thoroughly and cover with mulch.

1 review for Azalea, Fashion

  1. sydney

    They came healthy and looking great. Can’t be more pleased.

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