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Ligustrum RecurvifoliumLigustrum Recurvifolium

Recurvifolium Ligustrum Privet Shrub


Ligustrum recurvifolium is a large, upright, broad-leaved evergreen shrub, that is highly adaptable and easy to grow. The dark green, wavy leaves can be used as an evergreen foundation hedge, or privacy screen. Easily pruned to desired shape and size.

  • USDA zones 7-11
  • Mature size 5-6′ W x 7-8′ H
  • Evergreen – Year round interest
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Used in containers, landscapes, and as accents
  • Recommended spacing 48-60 inches
  • Mature size 5-6′ W x 7-8′ H
  • Low Maintenance
  • Botanical Name: Ligustrum japonicum ‘Recurvifolium’
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 2.25g 22-26 inches, 7g 35-40 inches

Palm, Windmill


The Windmill Palm bucks the old idea that palm trees are for warm, tropical regions only because these palms are hardy all the way to 10 degrees Fahrenheit! These low-maintenance palm trees form beautiful bunches of green “windmill” style fronds that for to stand upon the spiny trunks of the tree. Not only that but Windmill Palm Trees are deer resistant and drought tolerant. They do well in soil with good drainage. Windmill Palm Trees grow up to 20 feet tall, bringing the feeling of the tropics to any landscape! Perfect for containers and landscapes!

  • USDA zones 7-11
  • Mature Size- 10-20 feet H and 6-10 feet W
  • Recommended Spacing – 72 inches
  • Uses- Specimen Plant, Accent Plant, Landscape Plant, Porch and Patio Containers, Container Planting
  • Light Needs- Partial Sun-Full Sun (4-6 hours daily)
  • Average shipping height- 10″ container 24-28 inches, and 14″ container 32-36 inches
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health

Fig, Kadota 2.5 Quart


This sweet tasting Fig tree will produce delicious fruit from August to October. Kadota Figs are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. But, by adding an additional Kadota Fig will drastically increase the size of your crop. Little to no maintenance keep them looking and performing their best. Perfect for containers if you live in colder areas allowing you to bring them indoors in colder months!

  • USDA zones 7-11
  • Mature size 15-20 feet H and 6-8 feet W
  • Recommended Spacing – 180 inches
  • Used in containers, and landscapes
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Deciduous- foliage loss in winter and new growth in spring
  • Ships dormant winter through early spring
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 1g 8-12 inches