Better Boxwood Babylon Beauty Shrub (1 Gallon)


Introducing the Better Boxwood Babylon Beauty – the model of garden refinement and resilience. This particular cultivar has lighter green foliage than its hybrid relatives, but the foliage retains its evergreen vibrancy throughout the year!

When fully grown, the Babylon Beauty stands at 3-4′ tall and spans 3-5′ wide, providing you with a multitude of applications. Envision a flawless low-lying hedge or a detailed topiary, maintaining its lushness from the cold embrace of winter to the height of summer, all with little upkeep… This is precisely what it offers.

Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate the Babylon Beauty’s adaptability. This is a good choice if you need an area covered as they are much more prone to spreading than other varieties. It’s especially useful for low-growing hedges, layering, and patio containers if they are well fed and watered. Its compact growth habit ensures a dense, lush appearance, making it perfect for both formal and casual garden settings as well.

Environmentally conscious gardeners can take solace in the fact that this cultivar is sustainably bred to resist the dreaded boxwood blight and other common pests. This means less reliance on chemical treatments, leading to a healthier garden ecosystem. Invest in the future of your garden with the Better Boxwood Babylon Beauty Boxwood – a symphony of beauty, resilience, and sustainability.


  • USDA zones 5-9
  • Mature size 36-48 in. W x 48-60 in. H
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Evergreen- year round interest
  • Used in containers, landscapes, borders, hedges, and as accents
  • Recommended spacing 36 inches
  • Botanical Name – Buxus Hybrid ‘HER2010B04’
  • Low maintenance
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
  • Average shipping height – 1g 6-10 inches
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• Water before planting

• Plant in full sun to part shade

• Dig hole 3X the width of pot

• Backfill and plant 1″-2″ above soil level

• Water and add more soil if needed

• Mulch plants


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